Led cube 8x8x8

A year ago i had start this beautiful project, with condition to be finished at most a month. It was contradict. I realize this project  need manyyy hour ,too much free time and endurance. Especially ,if NOBODY give pcbs for free and are asking for money. Not even eagle files. Never was my aim to earn money from project ,so i design pcbs and i give it for free.. I have design 4 pcbs , two of those are o whole big pcb around 30×10 cm and other two ,are two separate pcb 15×10. One board is something like this  .I choose separate boards because it is easier to repair if any problem and handier.I will upload only one design that i  know  is working,  i have not test the other three. Pcb with 9 ICs , has 550 soldering points!!! It is double layer . I try to do this as symmetrical as i could ,to be nice on sight view. If you try this pcb , you have to be patient, and if something wrong do not give up , try to finish it. DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS IN ONE DAY. It is impossible, you will give up early. Power supply is 5V 3 Amp.

Download latches board

Download Atmega32A board

Full theory and idea can be found here 

First off all , be sure to check one by one all leds. Some of those maybe not light as it should or some other has  black marks on shell. You better buy diffused led ,so that emitted light is the same every corner you watch it. Mine is diffused 2mm blue with 28-29 long length pin.

led tests

led test

Download this template ,it is to adjust the distance of leds

led template

I am not going to get into details on how to solder leds. You just look photos and start from the end


led solderingled tempalte









Make one by one layer and when you have made all ,start soldering one up to other

IMG_2222 (Custom)led in line









led two layer

two layerstwo layer








led layers 5

other halfhalf led







When you finish all layer try to parallelism as possible x,y,z axles








I found a thick piece of plexy glass with a rectangular hole in the middle, perfect for base


Four pieces if aluminum  for profile and a painted rectangular plywood


profille base







IMG_3670 (Custom)

IMG_3684 (Custom)

And final pcbs. The first one is the brain. Atmega 32A  with 16 trans. as amplifier layer, 2 for each layer and an ISP connector for programming AVR

IMG_3652 (Custom)







IMG_3682 (Custom)

And the second board is with latch IC  74HC574. I have to say again, it is a difficult board, there are  around 500 hundrends soldering points so beware ,aim yourself with patience if you try to do this board.



74hc574seperate 8 cable

IMG_3676 (Custom)


IMG_3654 (Custom)

IMG_3655 (Custom)








IMG_3674 (Custom)

IMG_3675 (Custom)








IMG_3896 (Custom)

IMG_3657 (Custom)


You can ask everything ,i am willing to help

9 thoughts on “Led cube 8x8x8

  1. Dear Sir
    i am from India and i am 66 years old. I was a plant foreman in athread factory. After my retirement
    now i am engaged in making small small electronic projects. i have only a basic knowledge in electronics.
    But seeing various circuit diagrams from different websites i making small small hobby projects and
    gifting to youngsters and make them encouraging in electronics. I am verymuch appreciate this site
    owners who are giving a lot of knowledge to the beginners and i congrdulates you for your effort.

    coming to the point your 8x8x8 led cube project in this page , i am very much interested to build
    one . I request you to mail me a detailed circuit programme with total components list of this
    8x8x8 led cube project. Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year, Thanks…………Ramachandran

    1. Hello friend , really thank you for your comments.Everything you need is uploaded in the post. I don’t have a bom , but if you open schematics and board lay out with Eagle Cadsoft ,you can see all materials & components needed. I have include one mine pcb board .I have to notice about the second board with 9 chips, it is a painfull doubleside board with around 500 soldering points!
      I would be willing to help you , for everything you need ,but take into consideration this is a big project ,not simple. You should know hot to make your own pcb etching.
      So, the biggest challenge is the pcb boards and especially the second with 9 chips. If you are sure about how to make this board ,don’t care about the components you can find those easy.

  2. I am very thankful to alfadex to share the PCB I had made and solder all the parts just stuck when I place the 574 ic the status led go off.

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