Power supply – Charger for lead acid and mobile phones

Here i have made a lead acid battery charger and collect all my chargers for mobile,tablet,electr.cigarrete in a box.

Lead Acid batteries  :  As you can see below there is power supply 0-30 Volt 3A for charging lead acid battery .Every cell of those batteries is rated 2.4 Volt .So, 6 batteries in series ,is reated 14.4 volts ,this voltage is especially used in security alarms,sirens, cars etc. Lead Acid batteries can be usally  charged with 0.1C – 0.3C or 10-30% charging current  of the rated capacity. This mean for a battery 12V 10A ,charging voltage is 14.4 Volt and current is 1A – 3A So as you can understnd we need a power suppply with current limiter , like this from bangood. Charging time should not exceed  20 hours .

But  it is beeter to watch capacity with  Voltage Current Meter
and when capacity reach  95%  it is beeter to stop charging.

This great customizable design  case is from thingiverse. I customize it to my need.You can download it and parametric it with openscad to your need.

Power supply from Bangoog comes in kit, so you have to assemble it.

You can download all stl file here

3d case

You can see below more photos with transformer,pcb, power supply, and 3 usb chargers. Each charger has 2 usb ports for charing simultaneously 2 devices . There is also volt-Amps meter with display ,that is power from a seperate power supply that is at penultimate photo.

Below you can see charging a lead acid 12v battery. Normall charging voltage at 25 celcius is around 13.8- 14.4V . If battery volatage is below 10V you can exceed this voltage for a short period of time without damage it.

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