Car tablet case

I am here again with a new structure. I made a case for a 4.3″ tablet to use in my car ,connected with obd 2 through bluetooth.Cost for this (if you own a 3d printer) is a few euros.

Let’s begin with the case. I was trying to design a case to place inside the tablet. I have first of all to thank guys from sketchup forum and especially Mr. jimhami42   for it’ts great plug in and his help to design that case, as i had imagine it











After this things was really easy. I print it in one piece , i use some glue to in every place abs was wrapping, i sand it just a little and i paint it black only outside

IMG_3840 (Custom)




IMG_3872 (Custom)

IMG_3877 (Custom)







IMG_3874 (Custom)

IMG_3873 (Custom)








IMG_3899 (Custom)

IMG_3901 (Custom)







IMG_3889 (Custom)

IMG_3887 (Custom)







IMG_3888 (Custom)



some scratch to stick on panel

IMG_3909 (Custom)


i made this base for tablet, from thingiverse

IMG_3942 (Custom)

IMG_3908 (Custom)







IMG_3906 (Custom)

IMG_3886 (Custom)

IMG_3904 (Custom)







IMG_3910 (Custom)

and last i made a cover to hide it when i am not in the car, so i have not to remove the tablet from the base and place it in the closet. I secure it with 3 magnets

IMG_3941 (Custom)

IMG_3948 (Custom)







IMG_3949 (Custom)

IMG_3995 (Custom)

IMG_4001 (Custom)

IMG_3997 (Custom)







IMG_3998 (Custom)

Scanner diagnostic tool with Bluetooth is ELM327 for around 10$ and programm is Torque for android





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