Soldering station with fume collector

I was searching something to collects  fumes from  from soldering but i couldn’t find something in a reasonable price. So, i begin to construct it and after a many practicing is now finished. It is a cheap soldering iron  with a P.I.D controller along a pump for fumes. Let’s begin with the soldering iron . It is  Hakko clone at 24V AC. Hakko has already a thermistor inside the ceramic resistor but it’s resistance is especially calculated for a specific circuit. I abolish it, and i connect my P.I.D.soldering iron  So ,i use just  two wires for the resistance. Fumes are collected with this blank metal bar.  It should be cut off at this shape for a better performanceIMG_1476 (Custom)  Next hard step is to secure the metal on the base of the soldering .

i use thisteflon that is special for high temperature applications and I tire up it an the body of soldering

IMG_1510 (Custom)IMG_1511 (Custom)











IMG_1515 (Custom)

Afterwards , secure the small rubber tube , and the switch that i ‘ll use to operate the pumper.

IMG_1512 (Custom)IMG_1513 (Custom)










Next ,we have to take care the filter. It is a big deal to find the best solution ,as more as you are looking for a right filter ,you may have better results. In my project, i use a air filter from pumps in aquariums , i take of the rubber that was inside for the air and i place a small piece form an aquarium filter .Air ,pass through without any problem ,but the main point is that it need to be cleaned very often. I have not found any other solution. I secure this with tube shrink

IMG_1518 (Custom)

IMG_1561 (Custom)IMG_1562 (Custom)











And it’s finished,with the thermocouple placed on the soldering iron

IMG_1559 (Custom)


Now move to main part . You can see here the transformer 17 Vac. This soldring iron need 24-25 volt Ac ,but i use 24 Dc. You can see the bridge rectifier and the smoothing capacitor. Down left is PID controller and here is the manual

IMG_1477 (Custom)


This part here is easy ,i made all the connections , I power up the pump 12 V Dc ,the controller with 230 V and everything works fine

IMG_1502 (Custom)



IMG_1478 (Custom)IMG_1506 (Custom)










IMG_1505 (Custom)IMG_1507 (Custom)


IMG_1516 (Custom)IMG_1504 (Custom)



IMG_1517 (Custom)



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