Raspberry run a torrent client

May it is time to take into serious consideration this <device> . There are hundred of things you can make with it and in my opinion it deserve many hours of playing.

Let’s focal to our point. There a few ways to turn your rasp, into a torrent handling device..I have test many of them i conclude the most reliable is running torent no yoyr rasp. butt handle it through another computer or tablet or mobile phone. You can do it opening your browser to the other computer , and your torrent files from there and leave it alone to do it’s job!!

This is what you ‘ll come across to your browser


Before begin let’s do a  update to everything senting it

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade


After update we have to download and install our client, it is Deluge client

  • sudo apt-get install deluged
  • sudo apt-get install deluge-console


We have now to start Deluge so that create a configuration file because we will need that file afterwards and close Deluge , so sent

  • deluged
  • sudo pkill deluged


Configuration file has been created. Let ‘s back up it case something goes wrong

  • cp ~/.config/deluge/auth ~/.config/deluge/auth.old

In case this does not work , go to that directory , right click copy ,and paste it with name auth.old


Next is to open and edit this file with nano

  • nano ~/.config/deluge/auth

Once opened , and this line


We have to  enter a user name and a password. Level is 10 ,it mean we have administrative privilege. So the complete line for example ,could be


We sent ctrl+x to close editor and hit Y to save it


Now it’s time  to get into console

  • deluged
  • deluge-console


and make some changes ,sent

  • config -s allow_remote True
  • config allow_remote
  • exit


And now close Deluge an restart to make changes effective

  • sudo pkill deluged
  • deluged


Almost done! You must install client to your computer, Windows,linux ,Mac  there is for all systems


When you install Deluge on your system go to preferences-interface and uncheck classic mode



Save it ,close and open again . When you open ,it will ask for




Ip is you Raspberry ip, username and password are those we save to a file before.Hit Προσθήκη (add). Θυρα (port) leave unchanged

After that, the follow window will appear, hit Συνδεση(connect)



When everything goes well will see the Deluge client window interface



Now go once again to your raspberry and sent

  • sudo apt-get install python-mako
  • sudo apt-get install deluge-web
  • deluge-web

Those command are to install WebUI ,so that get into your Deluge from your system ,thorough your browser. Default port for the WebUI is 8112 , so you go to your borwser and write

Default password is “deluge”, you can change it from preferences-interaface

If you want you can change this port . First command stop Web and second edit Web configuration file. Find “port” and change 8112 to something between 50000 to 65535

  • sudo pkill deluge-web
  • nano ~/.config/deluge/web.conf

From there , you can add a torrent and even if you close this interface your rasp. will continue download and seed your torrent!! So, you need your system, just only every time you need to add a torrent or delete it or make changes.After that colse it, and rasp. will work 365 days from year for you downloading and uploading!

When you shutdown your rasp.  the only thing you have to do , to turn again your rasp. into torrent machine , you have to go to terminal and enable deluge and web interface

  • deluged
  • deluge-web

You can also get into Deluge intarface from your mobile phone or tablet that is connecred offcourse to the same network!

Happy download!!!!

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