Portalcyclone CNC for pcb

After a long time and many experiments with this good enough cnc ,it’s time to present it here so that other people be helped or compare it with other machines.It is Portalcyclone PCB

My main goal was for pcb engraving, when I complete it i realize that it should be muuuch smaller for pcb ,it is too big for pcb and this is going to cost of accuracy. I may also had build Cyclone pcb factory for my needs ,but as always I say bigger is better! (finally not always) . But I can engrave  wood, maybe plastic,  plexiglass or something else. I have to say i have enough accuracy but i can not mill traces or clearance smaller than 0.4mm. It is hard also to mill between the leg of a chip . I try many Chinese bits,but i didn’t manage to trace between legs of a IC,   if anybody with have done it ,it would be nice to let me know. All plastic part made from my 3d printer with abs material.

Total cost was a bit more 200 euros, total time was around two months but much more time was for adjusting and experiments with it,really hard thing. Let’s begin with printed parts . Everything you need to build it ,you can find in thingiverse ,all credits goes to azamo the publisher of this .


































That’s all with the down side, now continue with the upper , i also paint the plate with silver spary















Cnc shield








Arduino base with power supply








Now it’s time for wiring



Almost done. I also use an extra plate with nut inside for fasten pcb better








I place power supply for motor and pcbs in a box. Upper right is power supply for engraving motor, down right a new power supply for arduino that is change. Down left is arduino board with cnc shield and upper is




It is now finished. I start testing with a pen with very good results. Program i use is bcnc, it is very powerful program from a Greek programmer.










And now going to the point ,pcb.  I am using flat cam. I have test  4-5 programs and i conclude flatcam. It is easy,free and you can do everything for making pcb. I have done many many test with pcb, 0.01 here is determinant. There is not something standard ,every pcb need different setting that you will find out only with testings try & error.

Bits also is a determinative factor for best result, mine are all Chinese, if you can afford i am sure you will have better result with named bits & not Chinese like those



Some tests below

































Some video tests

Probing with bcnc


One of my very first attempt was a double side pcb, with flatcam i think it is easy enough procedure, if you understand rationale


Engraving pcb


And now holes drilling


And now i will try to get a closer look with a focused camera to see the engraved paths. It is mobile camera sorry for focusing problems. One of my next projects is raspberry camera for pcb inspection with adjustable base,stay tuned…



New raspberry portable camera

After Raspberry camera streaming video  project for video streaming  i had made , i upgrade it to a new case with a 3.5″ touch screen  display, hard disk for video recorfing  and a more robust construction. I also install octopi  for  a later use with my 3d printers.

Display is from ebay and costs 10 euro












Printed parts with hard disk 2.5″


A very nice case from thingiverse




Those are two commands to changeimg_20160202_200617_hdr-custom

from display to hdmi and vice versa


and a small video with display in action

Ap,repeater,ad-hoc,wds ,etc…


Ad hoc is a Latin Phrase meaning “for this”.The network is ad hoc because it does not rely on a pre existing infrastructure, such as routers in wired networks or access points in managed (infrastructure) wireless networks.In contrast, ad hoc networks are dynamically formed amongst a group of wireless users and require no existing infrastructure or pre-configuration.
use at :
1)Attendees in a conference room sharing documents and other information via their laptops and handheld computer;
2)Small sensor devices located in animals monitor habitats and environmental conditions;
Unfortunately, the ad hoc nature that makes these networks attractive also introduces many complex communication problems.






A hotspot is a place that provides internet access using Wi-Fi.Hotspots are found in public places as well as private places. Today, many public places in the world such as airports, stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, public payphones, train stations, schools and universities have hotspots.Hotspot usually consist of many access points making a wi-fi network or through 3g.






Access point

Access Point, a hardware device or a computer’s software that acts as a communication hub for users of a wireless device to connect to a wired LAN.APs are important for providing heightened wireless security and for extending the physical range of service a wireless user has access to.An access point receives data by wired Ethernet, and converts to a 2.4Gig or 5Gig Hz wireless signal.
An access point is different from a wireless router, in that it does not have firewall functions, and will not protect your local network against threats from the Internet.An access point can be used in conjunction with a router to extend the wireless coverage around your home/business
If you need to use the same SSID and pass phrase then the remote router needs to be set to bridge mode and the same security configurations as the base hub set (all done in a similar manner to configuring a router in repeater mode). This allows for roaming on the same network in a building (although on some older WiFi devices switching to the strongest signal is not automatic but can be achieved by turning the devices WiFi off then on again).






Wi-fi extender-Repeater-booster

Most wireless routers can be configured as a repeater or extender.It is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network.It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal.
It has no cable!!
All you have to do is place the repeater in a location that can receive your existing WiFi network.You can then log into the WiFi repeater via your computer, and input the login details and password of your existing WiFi network, to allow the WiFi repeater to connect and extend







A Wireless Distribution System (WDS) is a system that enables the wireless interconnection of access points in an IEEE 802.11 network.It allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired backbone to link them.In order to build a successful WDS connection between different devices, it requires that both devices use the same wireless MAC address format.For example,Site A uses 4-address MAC Address format in passive WDS bridge mode,Site B also uses 4-address MAC Address format in active WDS bridge mode.


There are two WDS modes are implemented.

1.Bridge Mode
2.Repeater Mode

In Repeater mode, the packets received from one peer AP can be repeated to another peer AP through WDS links. Repeater mode performs WDS-to-WDS packet forwarding
In Bridge mode, packets received from a WDS link will only be forwarded to local wired or wireless hosts. Bridge mode does not allow WDS-to-WDS packet forwarding.

Bridge mode

 Bridge mode of WDS



Repeater mode of WDS


Portable Raspberry Pi

raspberry Pi laptop


Hello, i will show here how to made a portable case for raspberry Pi and video(cvbs) input. My first consept was to make this case for a portable TV tuner and video input. But two Pi was laying around and i thought one of them could be used for this project.

So, it is a portable Pi ,TV tuner with cvbs input, DVI-HDMI-VGA input and sound amplifier, with a keyboard and mouse ,all in one case with weight around 2,3 kilograms.

First step , is to connect Pi with controller broad and display , yes it is  play ball together

Pi dispay

If you own a laptop tft lcd ,you should find a compatible controller board for you lcd. There are lcd with  30 pins LVDS or 40 pins, those are not combatible each other. There are also newer lcd with led and older with inverter for  lamps.If you buy from ebay , you ‘d ask the seller what is compatible with what, so i did .Remember you need some research before you buy , you start from what you have,lcd or controller.

I bought everything from the begging so it was a little easier,I choose a 15,6″ LED Display Full HD LP156WF1  Matte. Matte lcd is not so brightfull like glossy, but there is not any reflexion that is veryyy annoying for me.If you connect through hdmi ,better choose a 1080p lcd like this.

Controller. I use M.NT68676.2A controller board_V1.









Jumper must be for 3,3V AND NOT 5 v. It very important! Everything is in the photo below ,is included .Buy the board the cables and pcd for operation together, not separate.

You need also a 12v 3A power supply for controller board.

IMG_3593 (Custom)


Now move to mounting . I use a plywood for lcd mount.

IMG_3587 (Custom)

IMG_3588 (Custom)

IMG_3589 (Custom)

IMG_3590 (Custom)








IMG_3592 (Custom)

IMG_3594 (Custom)

IMG_3595 (Custom)








IMG_3597 (Custom)


Two small pieces of stay ,for holding lcd case, don’t fall back

IMG_3599 (Custom)

IMG_3598 (Custom)









Now it’s time to mount the tft lcd display. I use an appropriate piece of aluminium and between this piece i bolt the pcb of the controller for controlling display.I use different ways to mount the display,but i think it is the best. Just use your imagination and use whatever around, better is aluminium because it is easy to use it and resilient

IMG_3600 (Custom)


And a similar aluminium piece upper

IMG_3605 (Custom)

IMG_3606 (Custom)









Everything is ready, to place all things inside. I use another piece of plywood to bolt pcb .

IMG_3601 (Custom)

IMG_3729 (Custom)


IMG_3733 (Custom)

IMG_3734 (Custom)








IMG_3737 (Custom)


I will get off scart and i ‘ll solder cables for video and audio for the tuner

IMG_3735 (Custom)

IMG_3736 (Custom)









Video and audio from tuner , will be input to a (cbvs to hdmi) converter. Output of the converter (hdmi) go to controller

IMG_3739 (Custom)

IMG_3740 (Custom)








Simple connections ans finished.


Here is tuner with cbvs to hdmi converter

IMG_3879 (Custom)


Raspberry Pi

IMG_3881 (Custom)


And third and final, is controller board for display. Downside is power supply 12V 3Amps

IMG_3880 (Custom)

IMG_3741 (Custom)

IMG_3882 (Custom)

IMG_3878 (Custom)

IMG_4340 (Custom)

IMG_4341 (Custom)








I forgot to mention about sound. Controller does not has an amplifier,so i have to add an amplifier 

IMG_4460 (Custom)

IMG_4461 (Custom)












IMG_4348 (Custom)






IMG_4463 (Custom)

IMG_4454 (Custom)











IMG_4456 (Custom)





                                                              TV TUNER

IMG_4469 (Custom)

Car tablet case

I am here again with a new structure. I made a case for a 4.3″ tablet to use in my car ,connected with obd 2 through bluetooth.Cost for this (if you own a 3d printer) is a few euros.

Let’s begin with the case. I was trying to design a case to place inside the tablet. I have first of all to thank guys from sketchup forum and especially Mr. jimhami42   for it’ts great plug in and his help to design that case, as i had imagine it











After this things was really easy. I print it in one piece , i use some glue to in every place abs was wrapping, i sand it just a little and i paint it black only outside

IMG_3840 (Custom)




IMG_3872 (Custom)

IMG_3877 (Custom)







IMG_3874 (Custom)

IMG_3873 (Custom)








IMG_3899 (Custom)

IMG_3901 (Custom)







IMG_3889 (Custom)

IMG_3887 (Custom)







IMG_3888 (Custom)



some scratch to stick on panel

IMG_3909 (Custom)


i made this base for tablet, from thingiverse

IMG_3942 (Custom)

IMG_3908 (Custom)







IMG_3906 (Custom)

IMG_3886 (Custom)

IMG_3904 (Custom)







IMG_3910 (Custom)

and last i made a cover to hide it when i am not in the car, so i have not to remove the tablet from the base and place it in the closet. I secure it with 3 magnets

IMG_3941 (Custom)

IMG_3948 (Custom)







IMG_3949 (Custom)

IMG_3995 (Custom)

IMG_4001 (Custom)

IMG_3997 (Custom)







IMG_3998 (Custom)

Scanner diagnostic tool with Bluetooth is ELM327 for around 10$ and programm is Torque for android