Reprap Prusa Mendel 2 (section 2)

And continue with the MDF box. I place all pcb on the left side and i add a glass as a door. (but glass finally after research was not a good idea for 3d printer)


rep rap mendel 2


IMG_2178 (Custom)


rep rap


electronics for rep rap


light for rep rap


filament reprap


IMG_3534 (Custom)IMG_3535 (Custom)







IMG_3536 (Custom)

IMG_3540 (Custom)

IMG_3544 (Custom)

And madness is continued..,… there are thousant of people that  work on 3d printers. There even more industries that sell remarkably machines ,for some hundred of euros. I was searching for something new , a big difference but not spent much money ….

So, searching on internet o found a reliable enough configuration that gives extra height!!

I took some photos before this great step

IMG_3546 (Custom)

IMG_3547 (Custom)

IMG_3548 (Custom)

IMG_3545 (Custom)








And the result is this ultra satisfactory. It was 63mm , now it is 150mm!! I used to print an object into two pieces.And stuck it with glue with many problems ,but now things has a good heght. It almost like prusa i3. There have to be many mods to achieve this. Everybody can do it that own a prusa mendel 2. link to download all pieces you need is here .


IMG_3586 (Custom)

I will add some photo here that may help you.

pieces you need

IMG_3541 (Custom)

IMG_3542 (Custom)








IMG_3553 (Custom)IMG_3550 (Custom)







IMG_3564 (Custom)IMG_3556 (Custom)







IMG_3568 (Custom)IMG_3569 (Custom)







IMG_3574 (Custom)IMG_3573 (Custom)







IMG_3577 (Custom)IMG_3575 (Custom)







IMG_3585 (Custom)IMG_3562 (Custom)







IMG_3554 (Custom)

I have to mention here some problems with  abs WARPING. It absolutely matter of temperature. Abs as plastic has the attribute to wrap, if it is hot enough and sent gold gold air .So rep rap should be closed on a box. I saw better results with that mdf box. When  i use glass as a door i try to seal all hole so that not air from outside gtes inside. I did this BUTTTT the same glass is a huge hole!! Yes, it has not the same attributes as mdf. I printing all time with abs, so bed temperature is 100 Celsius. After almost an hour of printing ,glass start getting hot especially on the middle not too much but difference was noticeable. So , i had the idea to through the glass and place another one piece af mdf like other sides. Difference is absolutely better.Even of big pieces there is not warping at all, even if 8 hours later i had try ,things stuck on the bed better.

And i cross it , if i open the door and leave it open before first layer is extruded, even if abs seems to be stucked on the bed , it is not!!!After a while it will warp. That why big companies give you an enclose box containing inside the printer. If you print abs do this it is salvific.



And a few changes , i paint the enclose  and i use a closet from a security alarm for pcb


















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