Reprap Prusa Mendel 2

I don’t know where to start for this huge discovery. Yes it is a discovery. Before this, we can not even imagine plastic thing creation in our storehouse. It was a company issue,with many computers working on it, complex machines working all day and many people front of computers for ckecking.
Now, (with a few money) we can create a mini machine for creating our small plastic pieces, complex or not, around 200×200 mm dimension that can help us in our everyday life.
I am working on it enough years,i have test many diferent hot end ,manually made heated beds,many tests with motors, but all time Nema 17. I am concentrated only in teachup,i am doing many test with this firmware, i didn’t work on any other firmware because i found teachup ,really easy. I can make to tutorial for making on of those, but internet is full of guides, really, really usefull and some of these with good explanation.
Electronics are Gen7 version 1.4, that i have copper etche pcb board. Motor drivers pololu, Atmega1284p.
I am free in any discussion and any kind of help .

IMG_1948 (Custom)


IMG_1985 (Custom)

IMG_2011 (Custom)

IMG_2012 (Custom)

IMG_2014 (Custom)

IMG_2015 (Custom)IMG_2016 (Custom)IMG_2017 (Custom)IMG_2018 (Custom)IMG_2019 (Custom)IMG_2020 (Custom)




IMG_1927 (Custom)

IMG_1925 (Custom)







IMG_1998 (Custom)IMG_1997 (Custom)








IMG_2127 (Custom)


After many experiments and tests, i found that all this must be closed in a box. That is for many reasons, some of these are temperature is not diffuse to the outer space so, thing are adhered on the bed ,mosfets working less,smell from plastic is not diffused and much more.

I bought 6 pieces of MDF, and i place all those inside.

rep rap box

Because there are many photo here and there are many improvments  , construction will continue to another section

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