Pcb driller

Yes,that’s it a machine to make drills to your pcb for through hole component


First of all ,i use a corner piece of wood, as base. I screw up an aluminium angle and i fasten this camera stand. On that camera stand i screw up the driller.And voila!!


i use this iron angle to get the aluminium angle in a absolutely vertical position.It is important

IMG_1186 (Custom)

Next to the angle is power supply for the driller

IMG_1196 (Custom)

You must use a spring, to restore the driller to it’s initial position after drilling. It should be carefully selected and placed, because we want to be neither tight not loosen.

IMG_1190 (Custom)

IMG_1193 (Custom)



I use a toothbrush as a lever. At the following photos you can see the switch.When toothbrush is down driller work and the opposite

IMG_1194 (Custom)

IMG_1195 (Custom)









i use a vice to keep pcb stable and a piece of this you see at the photo for pcb. Vice also can be used for something else i would like to drill

IMG_1192 (Custom)

IMG_1191 (Custom)








And now ,maybe the most important part of the construction

I should find something to adapt here and also be easy changeable for bits. It was very hard to find the appropriate adapter in Europe


IMG_1210 (Custom)


And yes i found the best

IMG_1206 (Custom)IMG_1204 (Custom)








I am not sure ,i think it’s proxxon product ,but doesn’t matter.I should convert the part that clinch to the driller because worm is different.  You can see it opened here. I made this to my friend’s lathe

IMG_1207 (Custom)

IMG_1208 (Custom)









I place two white leds and it is ready for drilling

IMG_1198 (Custom)

IMG_1199 (Custom)


2 thoughts on “Pcb driller

  1. Dear Pantelis,
    came here googling around about triac control, I found a lot of nice projects.
    This drilling solution is crazy, toothbrush is all the money! (Ολα τα λεφτά)
    Thanx a lot and keep up.


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