Mp3 portable

I am going to show here an mp3 player with rechargeable  battery

  • with fm
  • with aux in
  • with earphone out
  • with bluetooth
  • with card reader player
  • usb player



It was in idea that i think in a night.I had in my mind exactly this. Using a tablet or your mobile phone you can also use it as wifi radio!

Let’s begin with the mainbooard of the project . It is a Wireless Bluetooth that cost the unconscionably price  of  6$. And yes it does all those. You can find it here




Project start with the box. I create it with skethup  . You can download sketchup files i use  herefront



Because it is huge for 3d printer , i print it in some pices and i stuck all together
IMG_3435 (Custom)

IMG_3436 (Custom)










IMG_3441 (Custom)IMG_3437 (Custom)







IMG_3444 (Custom)




And finally i paint it with acrylic paint

IMG_3445 (Custom)

IMG_3447 (Custom)

Let’s move to  electronics now. I had many thoughts at the beginning. I was planing to add module for battery monitor , other amplifier for battery ..

IMG_3418 (Custom)


IMG_3455 (Custom)

And i finally use those 3 modules.Down right is TP4056 module ,as you remember from another project is a constant current lithium charger battery. Current is adjusted just changing a resistor. Input is 5 volt from compute through mini usb output is connected a 18650 battery

Second, on up right , it also a step up converter from 1-5 to 5 volts.Input is battery and output is 5 volt.

And last but not least is the amplifier 3W+3W. It is a stereo ready amplifier/Power supply for this is also 5 volts.



so simple,there is nothing special

IMG_3460 (Custom)


IMG_3707 (Custom)


I forgot to mention about speaker, those are 2 portable speaker from Sony Ericsson  for mobile phone.There was an already pre installed amplifier on series with cable , but it was now power at all and it was replaced. Code is mps-60

IMG_3451 (Custom)



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