Multimeter for SCR,diode,led,mosfet etc.

It is a very usefel multimeter that must not missing from any laboratory

With this useful meter you can measure

  • capacitor
  • SCR
  • Triac
  • Led
  • Diode
  • Transistor
  • Mosfet
  • Fet

and it can also recognize the pins of each component!

Ok,let’s begin,the circuit is based on an Atmega8

you can find needed files here.It’s included hex file, epprom file and configuration bits as well.


Here are eagle files for thorough hole component

Eagle files

here i have pcb with smd components

pcb smd

pcb smd upper side

Circuit is very easy and it doesn’t has something special

Original page



at the next photo ,you can see a resistor. I place this resistor because i am going to use the multimeter with a battery 9V. So,i would like to reduce the consumption of the circuit. Without the battery its around 60mhA, but with this its around 13mhA

IMG_1014 (Custom)

the next photo you’ll see is the pcb with the display. I have to mention that component i use are not those in the photos,these are just for testing purpose. Components, especially resistors must be 1% tolerance and good quality of capacitors for the best accuracy

IMG_1010 (Custom)

IMG_1012 (Custom)

IMG_1021 (Custom)


and here is a piece of pcd with pins ready for inserting different size components

IMG_1015 (Custom)


IMG_1017 (Custom)


IMG_1020 (Custom)


IMG_1022 (Custom)


IMG_1023 (Custom)




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