Soldering welding

I would like to present here a soldering welding

IMG_0550 (Custom)

Lets begin with a transformer from a microwave

IMG_0496 (Custom)

IMG_0493 (Custom)

IMG_0494 (Custom)

Now it is time to take of the output winding with much care

IMG_0497 (Custom)

Now there is only the input winding

IMG_0498 (Custom)

We coil a think cable ,i think its around 20mm diameter..We round 2 times this cable to the core of the transformer. The thicker the cable, the more current to the output. The length is around 1 meter

2012-03-24 20.05.56 (Custom)

I will place it in a metallic box

IMG_0532 (Custom)

I will connect the switch to the first winding

IMG_0533 (Custom)

Here is the upper arm rounded by a piece of copper for holding the upper spike

IMG_0540 (Custom)

I do the same the under arm

IMG_0539 (Custom)

IMG_0543 (Custom)

And now about spikes.Those spikes are from bronze .We could made those from copper or something else, but from testings i found that bronze are the best because stewing slowly.

IMG_0535 (Custom)

IMG_0536 (Custom)

IMG_0538 (Custom)

IMG_0549 (Custom)

That’s all, it is ready for testing

IMG_0545 (Custom)


i am melting a piece of metal here

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