Decorative led matrix lamp

Decorative led lamp with matrix 16×16 (Gyver lamp)

In this project I will so you a wonderful decorative led lamp with 16×16 matrix. All you are going to see in video, are really different in reality, because camera cannot capture those magic colors that can generate this lamp. Nevertheless it has many patterns, quick, slow, calm, anti stress and many more. It can be connected with a mobile phone to change settings or it can be connected to Home Assistant (HA) and create different automation or alarm style. If you don’t want neither you mobile nor HA, it has a button on the top that you can make most of operation. This decorative Gyver lamp is a great inspiration and imho worth it, total cost is around 35$.

                The nice point is it’s really popular and many people has make different firmware and many patterns so you will never get bored with it. The bad point is that all these are in Russian from idea until apps for mobile. You can find more for decorative lamp at author page Gyver lamp.  I have test a few firmware and I conclude Whilser firmware suits for my need. It support HA. It support over the air (OTA) upload firmware, so only the first time you have to upload firmware with usb cable, after that you can upload firmware through WiFi.  Gunner47 also support HA and it is really good, but I had a few glitch.

How to make your own decorative led lamp

Gyver lamp consist of an esp32 or esp8266. Better choose esp8266 it is smaller and cheaper. You have to print a few 3d printed objects but if you don’t own a 3d printer you can make this project don’t worry, however 3d printed parts are at author’s page. A flexible 16 × 16 address matrix led WS2812B, a touch button for change setting on-off and a glass lamp. I have bought that lamp from lidl, you can find it in leroymerlin or many other store.


16×16 matrix led WS2812B

Touch button


5.5 jack

Assemble all parts for decorative lamp is really easy, I have upload a few photos and a video while it is working for help.Power supply need 5v at least 3Amps. I am using this power supply for now. At full power it consume 2 Amps

I have place esp8266 and i have made all connection according to the schematic

Next, i round matrix led all around this 3d printed cylinder and zip tie it.

Connection of matrix is inside cylinder.

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