3dpburner (laser engraving)

After a year of using this laser engraving 3d printed machine without any problem ,it’s time to present it , so that help other people making this. I found it easy constructible, especially if you familiarized with grbl. It is 3dpburner (laser engraving)

Linear rail shaft rod are 8 mm with linear ball bearing 8mm. I am using 2 power supply 12V 3A , one especially for laser and the other one for all other (arduino,motor,cnc shield…) .Laser module is 450nm 2W Blue Laser Module with  TTL ans pwm control cost around 70$.One temp display for monitor laser temp and the other one volt/ammeter for laser consumption.

Total cost is around 130$ and maybe less if you have a few piece of wood ,motors ,arduino… You can find all pieces and code here . Do not forget to buy glasses because laser beam is really harmful

At the next photo i have place 2 power supply 12V 3A, one for laser and the other for arduino ,motors….

Here is cnc shield ,arduino and drivers all in one

Test x and y axis

I add laser and made all connection

I decide to made a template  my first big work

Here you can also see the focus of the beam

Suggested distance is at 45mm for best power result

it is almost done, a few settings like home axis and the under view of 3dpburner

I made a template with point

Next 2 video showing laser in action and difference between red and green laser

And few testing here

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