Tiny Altimeter

I made a really Tiny Altimeter from here that is working good. It consist of an arduino pro mini, ,the display ,a  sensor bmp085 a battery lithium 3.7v 1000mAh and the charger for the battery tp4056 board. I try to connect display through hardware spi but i have display shifting , so i connect it with iic.You can allso find files for a 3d printed case and code for Tiny Altimeter at the upper link.

Next photo is arduino pro mini with the display  (0.96 Inch 6Pin IIC I2C OLED White LCD Display)

Like a SandSwitch , i place the baterry upper ,but as proved 1000mAh is really big capacity. It doesn’t need so much , a 150-300mAh is good enough

I made all wirings and placed board on battery


















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