Creating a Private Torrent (μTorrent)

I will explain in a few words how you can create a torrent file to share with friends ,seeding from your computer, using μTorrent.First of all it would be a good idea (at least until now) to uninstall μTorrent version 3.xx. There are many problems ,specially with providers and install something lower that it ,for example 2.2.1.

Second it would be also a good idea to create a dns.This way you do not have  to know your ip even if it change.So your router ip will correspond to a given name from you.I will explain both ways. Second you have to know to port forward ports on your router.

Ok, start μTorrent ,go to file-Create new torrent. From select source menu, you can add the file you wan to share or the folder.At trackers field you have to supplement your can be wirtten in two ways

Ip way


ip : you place your ip, in form for example or whatever your ip .Check Complete line could be

port: it is the port of your router that you must have done port forward.So, choose a port (better between 50000-60000)and add it to your preferences-connection-listening port of μTorrent ,for example 55000. Then go to router setting and port forward this port.After done this,go to to check if every goes fine .You check it with your μ Torrent running. If it says success with green letters everything is fine, otherwise something wrong, do it again.

So, the complete line you have to add to trackers is

Next tick start seeding and private torrent.Create and save will ask you where to save the torrent file , this file you will sent to the other person so that downloadload the file you just create.


 Dns way

There are many free dns server , and even more by paying. There are also some way to do it, running a program on your task manager that check your ip or en charge this work to your router.When you have assign your ip to dns name for example “” , you add to your tracker this line



Next we have to tell μTorrent to act as a tracker.  Go preferences-advanced and search for  “bt.enable_tracker”. Change it to true.

Next again in preferences- BitTorrent and at IP/Hostname to report to tracker complete your ip or you dns name.

For example “” or “”

That;s all if you have any problem write on comments


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