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When i was young i use to play video games to my Super Nintendo ,Game Boy, Dreamcast and so on. There are many computer emulators to  internet but i would like to make something portable. To play everywhere. So, i use my old Android phone ZTE Blade.

How i did it?

I bought a Game Boy,the older one, not the color game boy,it doesn’t need to be working.I found it for 30 $.

I bought a wii controller for 10 $. That’s all i bought!

Wii controller use it’s internal Bluetooth module to be connected with wii.The first step, before i disassemble everything, is to connect wii with my Android.The are many apps that does this,i use SimpleWiiController. You just follow the steps and it will be connected with every android phone you own.Now, you can install an emulator to your phone that will allow you to play all games in almost all games machines .I choose Nes Emulator lite.There are tons of games to the net.

Let’s begin

Disassemble Game Boy first

game boy disasseble (Custom)

After wii controller


Now, next step is to remap one by one the buttons form wii ,to game boy. .First connect pad,after start and select and at the end button A and button B.

Yes you have understand very well, you have to connect each one by one with the thinner cables you have.It is not easy ,but it is not hard.You have to clear your soldering tip,use use a very small amount of soldering wire and tin the game boy pcb for easy soldering.You have to be patient to connect all cable without any wrong .After this step,it’s almost done. Next beautiful update i would like to do ,is to add two more button to game boy ,like x and y,because some games need 4 button.

wii remap

Place wii pcb to the left side of game boy so that batteries be placed right

IMG_1479 (Custom)

I use round self-adhesive scratch ,to constant phone on the game boy’s display


scratch ready









As i said,app for phone is SimpleWiiController.If your phone is not compatible with this app,try another one. Read instruction to connect it with your phone


progwii gamepad







 Some games here

mario cartmegaman x







mario 3

street fighter










That’s all. Happy gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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