Filament spooler big

I need a big enough spoller for my extruder and this i made is the best

I am usnig abs material 2.75 mm. As you may know ,abs has an issue. It like wrapping, Wrapping mean especially corners turns up .The first one i made was reallt bad. Those 3 axis goes up around 10mm !!!! I try to hot them , i try to push down, i try to low temp, i try to high temp, nothing works, all mess up

IMG_2064 (Custom)


But , i finally found the solution to the biggest problem of abs material.I use some aceton and abs pellets and mix them . I mean this

IMG_2067 (Custom)


Works perfect.

IMG_2065 (Custom)

IMG_2066 (Custom)

IMG_2073 (Custom)

IMG_2075 (Custom)

IMG_2072 (Custom)

IMG_2074 (Custom)
IMG_2068 (Custom)

IMG_2069 (Custom)

IMG_2071 (Custom)

IMG_2070 (Custom)
IMG_2082 (Custom)

IMG_2081 (Custom)

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