SKULL 3d printed

One of the best printed things and one of the hardest. It last a hole day (24 hours). I print it only one time, without tests. I decide to print it with support and i thing it is a must. It is one hole thing, teeth are not separate.I will include gcode file, maybe it is useful if someone would like to print it.

Layer height is 0.3mm

IMG_4553 (Custom)

IMG_4063 (Custom)

IMG_4065 (Custom)

IMG_4070 (Custom)








IMG_4071 (Custom)

IMG_4077 (Custom)

IMG_4084 (Custom)

IMG_4098 (Custom)








IMG_4222 (Custom)

IMG_4220 (Custom)

IMG_4221 (Custom)








IMG_4535 (Custom)

IMG_4536 (Custom)

IMG_4538 (Custom)








IMG_4537 (Custom)


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