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Totally homade laser with lpc-826 510mah

I made a laser with lpc826,all the cost was about 20 euro
Lpc826—> 15 euro
Lm1084—> 1 euro
The case of the flashlight was forgotten in my cubbyhole
19650 batteries—> 2 euro
Axis—-> 2 euro

The axis is the cheapest i found ,it’s from a laser 5mW from ebay

The heatshink for the laser was from a Pentium 4,the heatshink is always cold ,I power the circuit with 7.2-7.5 volt with 0.5Amper for 5 minutes and the heatshink doesn’t increase not even 1 degree Celsius, maybe this is overmuch for this laser but all other heatshink i had are very small .I made a drill in the center and i place the axis

batteries are 2 18650 3800mAh as these says,but it not true!!!
I have to say even if says 3800mAh it last for only about 30 minutes with 500 mAh current so I I had to add a jack 3.5 mm from headphones so that to connect it with power supply and charge the batteries

the black case is from a very old flashlight forgotten in my cubbyhole, i place everything inside ,it has plenty of room

i made 4 drills and i place 4 angles so that to screw it up to the heatshink

I mean exactly this!!

Now ,the circuit was made from here
Laser driver – It can be done
But the difference is that i use lm1084 instead of lm317 because as i saw ,i cannot drive the laser with
the satisfactory current,it drive with only 300mAh, but lm1084 has a very low drop out voltage.Don’t use lm317 anymore for laser projects ,it is veeery old !!
I have this multirurn trimmer

it is 100 ohm ,i use it so that to find out what resistant need the lm1084 between adjustment and output so that to drive the laser with 0.5amper,i find it needs 2.5 omh, but the trimmer was hot enough and i instead of it i place a resistor 2.2 ohm but when i measure it ,it is 2.5-2.7 oHm, the perfect resistant . it is 1/4 watt, its hot, but there is no problem.
So the synopsis , the only resistant between adj and out is 2.5 ohm,not more not less.

lm1084 needs heatshink, its a must it is really hot!! take care

Now, the cables

There are 3 conditions here

1.When S2 is closed i switch on or of the laser from the red button and power from batteries 7.2volts

2.When S2 is open like now at the photo, i can drive the laser from an external power supply 7.2 volts, on off is again from red button.
The jack is 3.5mm famale from headphones

3.And finally ,when red button is open like now at the photo and S2 is closed, i can charge the batteries from an external charger at same 3.5mm jack, without the need to take out the batteries from the flashlight !!!!

Here the jack 3.5mm for external power OR charge batteries ,depends the switches

Here is red button and S2

Here is the puzzle connection

And here the project is finished

IMG_0454 (Custom)


IMG_0708 (Custom)



And here some videos while testing the project

Here is the bad story of my first laser that i burn ,because i didn’t know much about laser diodes ,so take care use, your ammeter to take measures everywhere !


My first diode from dvd burner plextor

REMEMBER don’t make use of these laser without googles!! It is very dangerous ,it is not for playing, it is not not for young boys,you have to know how dangerous it is before you try

>>greetings from GREECE!!<<

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