Capacitance meter and ESR

Hello, here i am going to do a presentation for a multimeter that is measure

  • Capacitance meter esr capacitor
  • ESR capacitor
  • frequency meter until 30Mhz
  • frequency generator 1KHz 200mv

the main idea was taken from here , but unfortunately there are some wrongs connection and programming for the fuses of the avr are wrong.


the circuit diagramis and here you can download the hex file for pic 1line HEX

fuses : Oscillator – HS. WRT – ON. WDT – OFF. PWRT – ON. BODEN – ON. LVP – OFF. CPD – OFF. CP – OFF. DEBUGGER – OFF.

here is pcb pcd booard

Transistor Q1 is an npn tranz., 300 MHz, 100mA

Potensiometer 200Ωμ ,would be better to be multi turn for better adjustment

display is the calssic hd44780 from Hitachi, all components are view able, so i suppose there is not any problem for someone that want to construct this



i used the case of an an old analog broken multimeter and i place inside the pcd and the display




the finished pcd

finished pcb

back side pcb


take care those 2 smd IC





Here you can see the circuit first made to breadboeard so that to turn away any glitch




Now i place everything inside the case of the multimeter






You can find many useful informations here ,in Greek language

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