Burn bootloader on a Atmega1284p or 644p for reprap

I am going to so you ,how to burn the appropriate bootloader , using Arduino uno ,for using it to your rep rap. Things we are going to need, is the following circuit, an arduino uno and our atmega of course.



So, we did it on a breadboard

IMG_2031 (Custom)


IMG_2025 (Custom)

IMG_2027 (Custom)








Crystal a am using is 20Mhz.

Next, we have to place Gen7 folder ,to arduino folder /hardware/gen7. Ok, now restart arduino idle and we will see 6 more boards starting with Gen7. . Next ,we have to convert arduino as ISP. We connect arduino and we upload from examples <>. . We have to make the circuit at the first photo,,we it’s done and when we already have upload <> go to tools tab ,change our board,for example mine is Gen7 with Atmega1284p and 20Mhz ,our serial port, and at programmer section we are choosing <>.

We then change burn bootloader. If, everything is ok an about 30 sec. bootloader will be in our atmega chip. Similar way go for atmega644p.



There many ways to birn bootloader. Another easy way is to supply a USBASP. It is a convenient device for programming many atmega chips. We can use many programs, like avrdude, ponyprog, extreme burner and even avrdude syntax.


5 thoughts on “Burn bootloader on a Atmega1284p or 644p for reprap

  1. Where do i get a bootloader hexfile for the 1284p? i have one for a 644p but i guess that cant be used?

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have Atmega1284P rectangular or Squared Microcontroller and I have marlin firmware software. How do I bootloader marlin code into 1284P. Please tell me the steps. It would take only few minutes for an experts but for me it may be months and months. I am beginner for this field. I am learning. I have seen some tutorials and also went for some web sites, blogspots and all. I did not get which PROGRAMMER from arduino we should select. Even I see How arduino UNO can be act as Arduino by ARDUNO-ISP for Atmega328. I did not get steps or videos related to ATmega1284P. So, kindly do a favor in telling me that HOW TO BOOTLOAD Atmega1284P with what PROGRAMMER? and what all hardwares needed for it like PROGRAMMER device and all. I needed step by step procedure. Please take your valuable time.


      1. Hi Sir,

        Please tell me. I am struggling a lot to know how 1284P bootload ? You can tell me briefly. I has been searching from many days. Please help me out with this.


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