PonyProg 24Cxx 93Cxx

 was looking for a simple circuit to read the memory from my locked radio-cd and i come across this so simple circuit. It is a memory dumper that is compatible with 24cxx,93xx and many more. As a serial programmer, you can use many software with it. I use pony prog ,it is reliable and simple.


2401, 2402, 2404, 2408, 2416
2432, 2464, 2465, 24128, 24256, 24512
24325, 24645
24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16
24C32, 24C64, 24C65, 24C128, 24C256, 24C512
24C325, 24C645
24LC01, 24LC02, 24LC04, 24LC08, 24LC16
24LC32, 24LC64, 24LC65, 24LC128, 24LC256, 24LC512
24LC325, 24LC645

Microwire EEPROM
9306, 9346, 9356, 9357, 9366, 9376, 9386
9313, 9314
93C06, 93C46, 93C56, 93C57, 93C66, 93C76, 93C86
93C13, 93C14
93LC06, 93LC46, 93LC56, 93LC57, 93LC66, 93LC76, 93LC86
93LC13, 93LC14

schematic & pcb 

IMG_1623 (Custom)

17 thoughts on “PonyProg 24Cxx 93Cxx

  1. Hi, got few questions, hope you have some time to answer them.
    1) Is it just for dumping memory or can it also be used to write/modify in EEPROM?
    2) Mine locked car stereo (Ford sound 2000) is now completely locked, cant insert codes anymore, so dumping memory isn’t enough anymore. So I thought I somehow rewrite that data on EEPROM or somehow delete those 10 wrong try’s so I could insert codes again, is that possible?
    (it has 93C06 Microwire EEPROM)


    1. Hello friend, this is only for dumping memory,you may modify but you need to know assembly so that change hex code.
      You can try this. Leave your radio on power for around 2 hours,some radio need time for security reason to come back again to initial input code mode.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that for me! Though I still have some questions, hope you don’t mind.
        What do you mean by that “you may modify but you need to know assembly so that change hex code.” ? Didn’t quite get it, if I have right software to decode that hex then it is possible to overwrite old one with this tool?
        I held radio on for about 10 hours, everything stayed same 🙁
        There is number 10 in display all the time, now when I desoldered it’s showing “EE” on display.

        1. Assembly,is a major programming language and the only programming language you could modify *.bin files .
          *.bin files are those files that you would extract from 93C06. Everything inside bin file, is in hex code.
          Your radio may does not need to dump your memory. This is an old one and those radios could unlock telling me the serial number on the back of the radio. I have never seen error 10.
          With this circuit and ponyprog you cannot delete error 10.

          1. Serial is C197036, but I already know what right keycode should be (811), but when I tried it, it didn’t work and now i have used all 10 attempt and radio is locked (display is showing number 10). Perhaps someone has re-coded that radio. Complicated story.

  2. mmm ,i see, the same code the program show me. If you can read the memory and extract the bin file,sent it to me ,I may found something…

    1. Hello sir, I own a car Nissan murano 2003 it had problems with speedometer fuel level and light… I need tool to read/write Eeprom 93c66 so I build a circuit and I download Ponyprog for Windows xp but it can not read program or verify. Please help me with this problem. I had tried so hard two weak ago I still…

      1. Hi , are you sure you set the jumper correct, to read 93cXX chip? What is the message that ponyprog say. Does your computer has another serial port to test?

        1. Hello sir, Message say “Device Not Responding”. One more question about your circuit, c 47uf how much volt? I saw c100n in diagram but in the real photo of your circuit I can’t see. I prepare to build a circuit as you show. I will send you My current circuit diagram to your email

          1. Capacitors are not critical at all. C1 47μF should be more than 5 V ,for example 12 or 16 volts could be enough. C2 100nF can be skiped.
            As i can see from your photos ,your operating system is win 7, ponyprog is a decade old program and is not supported on win 7! Even if ponyprog is opened on win7 ,it may read different address for serial com and address on win7 are different also. So , the message you get ( device not responding) is that it cannot find the chip.
            I cannot think any other reason! I am using a computer with windows Xp ,only for this purpose , running programs like this.
            Even if you set the compatibility mode to windows xp , the problem will occur

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