Stepper Motor Controller through pc

Here is a way to control a motor with your computer.The motor can be unipolar or bipolar . I will use parallel port of my computer and  i’ll use only four pins.

Those are 2,3,4,5 pins of parallel. or D0,D1,D2.D3 as photo.


With 4 pins of parallel we can manage all different combinations. Connection can be bipolar with four pins or unipolar with 4,5 or 6 pins.Next photo you can see all combinations

different combination

You should not connect directly your motor to parallel port because parallel can serve only 3mAh current each pins, unsufficient current to control ever the smaller bipolar motor .So, one solution i suggest is to use a IC that can enforce current around 500mAh as datasheet says.I am talking about ULN2003 or UDN 2981 .It is 7 or 8 darlington array especially for those purposes and can boost current until 500mAh (you never reach that current,most you can use is 400mAh). If you need more current you can use relays,ssd or bridge H


I will describe in  a few word how program works. The capabilities are,

  • manually control each output
  • Full wave – Half wave both directions
  • any pin order you need
  • control  your speed
  • Bipolar-unipolar (any current request)*
Wave Step


Full Step
Half Step

Everywhere you see 1=5V and 0=V. There is logical order that a bip/unip. motor need current in each input so that start moving.Program does exactly this, decide the order and the speed to sent pulses to the motor.Upper left corner you see 378=LTP1 and 278=LTP2 .Down, drop down menu, you can control your speed. Three 4 square down you can control forward or backward full step and forward or backward half step. So simple

Download program

I have to thankful the creator of the program

steper controller

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